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Wildwood Cottage

There’s more to early childhood education at Stanwich.

Wildwood offers a joyful and dynamic learning environment for our youngest students, designed to inspire a passion for discovery that will reward them throughout their lives. Our exceptional early childhood faculty teaches a strong academic curriculum including science, language arts, math, foreign language, art, music and athletics, which is then enriched and enhanced through the exploration of nature.

Whether it’s story time, a Wellie Walk through our own trail system or a weekly foreign language lesson, students’ happiness and constant progress is our mission. Apart from being exciting and fun, every learning opportunity and activity is designed to nurture the under-standing of values such as respect and compassion, which establish the foundation for strong character and a greater appreciation of the world for children to take with them as they grow.

What makes Wildwood Cottage so special?

• Daily Morning Assemblies: Students start the day with singing and values discussions.
• Parent Coffees: Our education professionals lead meaningful discussions on current parenting topics.
• Authentic Assessments: Teachers offer a multi-dimensional picture of each child’s progress for parents.
• Edible Schoolyard: Students grow vegetables from seed and plant them in the school’s organic garden. Not only do the children learn academic concepts such as life cycles, they get to bring fresh vegetables into Wildwood’s kitchen and cook.
• Stamford Nature Center: Stanwich has partnered with the Stamford Museum & Nature Center to create a Discovery Studio at Wildwood Cottage. Through naturalist guided sessions, students learn about myriad animals representing many species and habitats.