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Values Education

At Stanwich, ethics and values are included in the curriculum as a priority.

The school seeks to instill a code of ethics and inherent values in each student that will guide him or her to live a purposeful life.


In the Primary House, students learn through stories and discussions which connect the lessons to their daily lives. Qualities of good character are discussed and highlighted daily. The basic tenets of the values curriculum are to instill respect for others and learn how to make God's world a better place. During weekly values lessons, Stanwich students are reminded that they share a common goal of improving the world. Stories, projects and ideas for helping children develop qualities of good character are woven into these values lessons.

In the Intermediate House, weekly ethics classes are taught by top level administrators. Students maintain values notebooks in which they record assignments and gather articles of interest from current media. The values discussed in those classes are reinforced during morning assemblies. The goal is to encourage students to become ethical, responsible individuals of character. As one fifth grader observed, "The kids here are all-around good people, they never pressure me to do anything I wouldn't like to do. I have learned that if you try your very best you will succeed at Stanwich; no one expects any more or less than that. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to go to a school like Stanwich."


At the Upper School, the curriculum integrates its unique, character building culture into the education of our older students. In Grades 6 through 12, students are assigned a faculty advisor and an advisory group. The group meets to discuss both academic and social topics in small groups and one-on-one with the advisor. Each month, students celebrate one of the Stanwich Seven values, which are incorporated into much of the curriculum, assemblies and advisory discussions. 

In addition, all Upper School students and their parents are required to sign The Stanwich School Code of Conduct which clearly defines the school's expectations for students and parents. In these and so many other ways, Stanwich School is committed to training students to become ethical, responsible individuals of character.


All Stanwich School students, from the PreK to the Upper School, enjoy daily and special weekly assemblies. Lower School assemblies commonly begin with patriotic and inspirational song and then include the Pledge of Allegiance, recognition of a student's birthday, the topic of the day, and end in non-denominational prayer. Upper School assemblies cover current events and topics intrinsic to middle and high school life.

During assembly time, students have the opportunity to make presentations to their peers while practicing public speaking. Also during assembly, students talk about the Stanwich Seven (Courage, Compassion, Commitment, Forgiveness, Honesty, Wisdom and Joy) and what role they play in their daily lives.