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Upper School Athletics

Stanwich students are participants, not spectators. By working hard, they learn that teamwork and good sportsmanship are paramount in competitive situations.

Interscholastic competition begins in Grade 6. Students’ involvement in interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the Stanwich educational experience. The fundamental purpose of the Stanwich athletic program is to empower in our student-athletes a lifelong appreciation for physical activity, to provide them with the opportunity to become experienced, skilled, and confident in any athletic area they choose, and above all, to make our athletes’ athletic experience rewarding and educational.  The emphasis is on growth, camaraderie, teamwork and skill development. 

In each season (fall, winter, spring), students select a team on which to play. There are at least two choices each season for both boys and girls.

Upper School practices occur during the last period of the day Monday through Thursday, and each sports period lasts for over an hour. Interscholastic competition occurs on weekday afternoons.

Most teams are separated by gender. However, boys and girls train together in certain sports such as tennis and squash. Each team has either one professional or faculty coach who runs practices and coaches games.

The Stanwich School is a member of the Fairchester Athletic Association, which represents 23 non-public schools in lower Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. Schools in this league compete with one another in various sports and at various age levels. While each of the schools in the league is unique, they are alike in upholding as the core experience of their students the highest expectation of deportment and citizenship.

All Stanwich School teams maintain a strict “no-cut” policy; every player participates, and students are required to participate on an athletic team during each season.

Stanwich fields the following athletic teams:

Fall: Soccer, Football, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Volleyball

Winter: Basketball, Squash

Spring: Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Tennis