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Upper School

Education with more substance.

The Stanwich upper school is dedicated to something greater than the generic definitions of success and life-preparedness touted by most middle and high schools. Stanwich upper school students grow into strong, self-reliant individuals, but with deep emotional intelligence and more sophisticated outlooks. They are encouraged to pursue their individual passions with determination and courage, and be proud of their talents and abilities—but they are also taught to respect the world around them along the way.

Students are immersed in an accelerated academic program designed to meet their individual needs, but also challenge them to push their comfort zones. The result is a vibrant community of critical thinkers, healthy risk-takers, reliable partners and strong, compassionate leaders. Small class sizes allow for a special level of trust between teachers and students to be built, which engenders a more personal commitment to learning. Stanwich upper school students are courageous and confident, but well grounded and resilient; they are taught that they can accomplish anything, but they also learn to truly appreciate what they achieve. This deeper level of awareness leads to more meaningful success in whatever they pursue.

A Well-balanced Curriculum and More

The Upper School offers an accelerated academic program that strives to meet each student’s abilities and needs. The combination of a well-balanced curriculum, a small student-teacher ratio, and a devoted faculty all facilitate the students’ ability to achieve their academic potential. In the classroom, students will encounter an environment conducive to taking healthy risks and one that consistently challenges their critical thinking skills. Because of our small class sizes, teachers develop meaningful relationships with their students, and as a result, an important trust develops between faculty and students; a trust which engenders invested learners.

Recognizing the important role the arts play in a well-balanced curriculum, the Upper School provides opportunities for its students at all levels to be involved in fine and performing arts programs.  Similar to the student friendly environment created in the classroom, our performing arts programs allow our students to take healthy risks and shine on stage as singers, musicians, and actors, and to develop and hone their visual art skills through a variety of art programs in the studio. 

Our athletic program, made up of a variety of interscholastic teams participating in the Fairchester league, provides every student with the opportunity to grow in different ways and succeed on the playing fields. At the end of an athletic season, students will have more confidence in themselves physically, mentally, and socially. Athletics at Stanwich also serves to reinforce our commitment to values, as seen through our experienced coaches who consistently teach their athletes the importance of commitment, good sportsmanship, and what it means to be a good teammate.

Upper School Program Spotlights

  • Small classes ensure close student/faculty interaction, and students also see many of their teachers outside of the classroom as their athletic coaches and club sponsors
  • Each student benefits from having a faculty advisor who serves not only as a liaison between parent, school, and student but also as the student's advocate and sounding board
  • Students challenge themselves in the classroom to be critical and abstract thinkers while learning the skills essential to success in the Upper School and beyond
  • At each grade level, teaching teams work together to synthesize planning and coordinate a program for each student's success