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A cohesive and innovative technology curriculum across all grade levels allows students to grow instinctively by introducing graduating skills that build on previous learning, empowering our children to achieve greater success via preparedness and proficiency with the technical literacy requirements of the 21st century.  

Our goal at Stanwich is to educate students to be independent, responsible and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.  A seamlessly integrated approach utilizes technology to supplement traditional learning and reinforce our core values.  While our children need the skills of the 21st century, we recognize they also require the moral guidance to navigate a world of social media, and we treat both aspects of our technical education with commensurate significance. 

We view technology as an important and versatile tool which can aid students in pursuit of their educational goals, allowing them to explore opportunities made possible through new and emerging technologies across the full spectrum of their academic lives.  At all grade levels appropriate technical literacy is integrated holistically into the curriculum. Focused hands-on STEAM activities in the lower school afford students opportunities for active involvement with educational experiments via engaging, creative and expressive activities that encourage and nourish a lifelong love of learning.  In the upper school students design and print in 3-D, write code for programming autonomous robots, learn digital photography and filmmaking techniques. 

To this end, we endeavor to create and provide a learning environment which leverages technology in a way that enhances our educational mission and complements traditional methods.  All of our classrooms are equipped with fundamental modern teaching and learning tools, such as interactive projectors, tablets, chromebooks and laptops which extend the capabilities of students and faculty.  The access to and familiarity with these modern staples augments learning, allowing students to engage with and incorporate new material and further synthesize and express their understanding.  

Our MakerSpace also provides opportunities for our lower school students to actively participate in focused technology lessons in subjects ranging from computing hardware to coding and 3-D design but it also creates an incubator to expand on and experiment with more traditional math and science topics electricity, mechanics or sustainability.  Additionally, we utilize our MakerSpace to afford engaging opportunities for upper school students.  Whether it be supporting further inquiry into their areas of interest and deepening their understanding via Independent study projects to affording mentorship opportunities in order to hone leadership and presentation skills by participating as adjuncts and assisting faculty with teaching primary house technology lessons, we leverage every opportunity to reinforce our core values and ensure technical proficiency.

At Stanwich, we realize there is more to IT….