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Superhero Convention Takes Off

Friday, February 24, 2017

With superhero capes in place, Stanwich’s Grade 3 students saved the day at their Hero Convention. Each student was assigned a real life hero and had their choice of a fictional super hero. Then they set about researching the real life hero with their Grade 12 “buddies” and compared him or her to their fictional counterpart. Students created their own “iPad apps” and shared what they learned with their parents, buddies, other students and faculty at this morning’s convention. 

“We’re all about character education at Stanwich,” said Grade 3 teacher Danny Combatti, adding that the project tied into the Stanwich Seven – Commitment, Compassion, Wisdom, Courage , Honesty, Forgiveness and Joy. “They got totally hooked and loved it,” he said. 

This event is just one example of the many advantages of being a coed, PreK through Grade 12 school with the ability to have older and younger students collaborate on meaningful projects.

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