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Student Services & Enrichment

Our goal in the Student Services and Enrichment department is to help faciliate an increased breadth and depth of learning among our students.  We strive to help students fulfill their potential, and foster a lifelong passion for learning and discovery.

Cristin Robb 

Student Services Coordinator


Nikki Miller

Assessment Coordinator


Rebecca Comizio 

School Pyschologist



Cynthia Hoemann

Reading Specialist, Orton Gillingham Specialist

Libby Kappler

Math Enrichment, Math Department Chair


Current Events in Education

Putting the "A" in STEM : Blending arts into the sciences inspires creative thinking, problem solving and innovation


Parent and Student Resources

Get Your Kids Moving! : Exercise enhances learning, focus, memory and promotes a healthier brain.

Two Essentials That Every Young Child Needs: young children need two important things that every teacher and parent can provide: talking and exposure to reading books.


Teacher Resources

Stop Telling Students to "Study": moving from studying to learning in order to help students do something with their knowledge

WEBINAR: Teaching Students to Reflect on Personal Learning (November 19th @ 3pm)


Top Reads!

Ready, Set, Learn Integrating Powerful Learning Skills and Strategies into Daily Instruction, by Brenda Stein Dzaldov

Stop the Stress in SchoolsMental Health Strategies Teachers Can Use to Build a Kinder, Gentler Classroom, by Joey Mandel