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Student-initiated Collection to Aid Puerto Rico

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

From Stanwich’s founding days, education and values have always been inextricably linked. Our distinctive school culture fosters an understanding of compassion and commitment to helping others during difficult times. Recently, Grade 7 student Thomas Steel used his Stanwich Heart to help better the lives of the residents of Puerto Rico by starting a collection of items needed in the hurricane-torn Caribbean island.

As Thomas shared in a school-wide email, “As I’m sure you’re aware, Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on many Caribbean islands. Puerto Rico was one of the most badly damaged, and I have taken the initiative to do an item-raiser (not fundraiser) to help those affected by this tragedy.”

For two weeks, members of the Stanwich School community collected cases of bottled water, canned food, flashlights and packages of batteries that were then brought to the Javits Center before being transported to the island. 

Pictured are Stanwich students Thomas and William Steel unloading the carload of Stanwich School donations for “Hope for  Puerto Rico.”

Phil DiSalvio of Javits Security Team and Lieutenant Harrington of the US Naval Reserve with Stanwich students Thomas and William.