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Robotics Team Earns Trophy at Competition

Monday, May 15, 2017

In a crowded gym in Rahway, New Jersey, the Stanwich Robotics team put forth an effort at the 2017 New York/New Jersey Botball Tournament on May 13, 2015 that demonstrated both skill and character, earning a trophy and a few new friends. An experience that might have been marked by bad luck was transformed into a display of perseverance and sportsmanship, and eventually resulted in victory.

The team earned its best seeding-round rank in our brief history — Finishing 7th — and entered the double elimination round with spirits flying high. It was then that technical difficulties got together with misfortune and after two short matches, in both of which we were favored to win, we found ourselves eliminated. We entered the third and final competition, the alliance competition, partnered with another team and worked to score points cooperatively, continuing to give our best effort. Team Stanwich finished in first place for the alliance competition!

At the start of the spring season, all 20 teams sent representatives to a two-day workshop and received a kit of components with enough material to build two completely autonomous robots. The mechanical components used in Botball are Lego technic bricks and other metal structural supports as defined by this year’s tournament kit contents.

“The object of the game is to build a robot that will earn the maximum amount of points by collecting and distributing objects across the board at various locations,” said Ed Miranti, Educational Technologist. “The students wrote programs and built the robots to successfully complete the various tasks laid out for them.”

Feeling confident with their computer programming abilities, Team Spartans will return to the Botball Tournament next year.