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Returns for Rwanda

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you don’t recycle and wish to donate your plastic deposit bottles, we need them!

​Stanwich School students are recycling plastic bottles to raise funds for Project Blessing, the long-term initiative of The Stanwich School that includes the creation of a water system and a school in Cyabatanzi, a rural Rwandan community.

This Is What We Can Do:

- A student representative will be outside each Friday morning at drop-off to collect your plastic trash bag with your donated plastic deposit bottles

- We will only be collecting plastic deposit bottles at this time

- No donation is either too large or too small

How This Will Work For You:

- Students who agree to participate in this Community Service Learning project will sign a Commitment Contract agreeing to participate for one full school year

- After you successfully participate for one full school year - regularly donating deposit plastic bottles - you will receive a RETURNS FOR RWANDA t-shirt and a Community Service Learning certificate


How This Will Work:

When?  Every Friday Morning Drop-Off, 7:30-8:00am

Where? Garage at the end of the school’s main parking lot

How? Student volunteers will be at the garage to collect your trash bags with plastic deposit bottles


Did You Know?

Connecticut is 1 of 11 states in the US that are “BOTTLE BILL” states.  Consumers pay 5¢ deposit on each bottle or can but in each year from 2012-2014, the state received over $27 million from unclaimed deposits!  While 2/3 of all beverage containers in the US never get recycled, over 18 billion beverage cans & bottles have been landfilled, littered and incinerated in the US this year alone!