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Photo Gallery

A Stanwich picture is worth a thousand words! Take a look at our school in action!


Closing Ceremony 2019

2019 Commencement

Lower School Field Day

Upper School Flag Football

With Love Parent/Faculty Party

Lower School Spring Concert

Upper School Spring Concert

PreK Zoozical

Grandparents Day 2019

Triskelion Gala

Sound of Music

Mamma Mia!

JH Spring Dance

Grades 2 & 3 - Wizard of Oz

Grade 4 - Shakespeare Unshackled

Grades 4 & 5 - Willy Wonka

Charter Day - Year 21

Fashion Show

Grades K & 1 Play - Peter Pan

Lower School Holiday Concert

Upper School Holiday Concert

The Foreigner

Lower School Thanksgiving

Alumni Thanksgiving

Veterans Day 2018

Fall Festival 2018

STEAM Scarecrows

Halloween 2018

First Day 2018

International Day of Peace

Rise Against Hunger

Graduation - Class of 2018

Spring Music Breakout

Field Day

WW Sound of Music

​PreK Closing Ceremony

Little Shop of Horrors

Spring Concerts

Annual Benefit

Grade 9 Costa Rica Trip

Grades 10/11 New Orleans Trip

JH Spring Fling Dance

Grade 6 Frost Valley Trip

Grade 7 Boston Trip

Grade 8 Washington, DC Trip

Into the Woods

Grandparents Day

Triskelion Cup Gala

Grade 3 Wizard of Oz

Triskelion Cup Olympics

Beauty and the Beast

Immigration Simulation

Grade 1 Peter Pan

Grade 2 Little Mermaid

Charter Day - Year 20

Two by Two Zoo

Lower School Olympics

Lower School Holiday Program

Upper School Holiday Program

Grade 4 Wax Museum


Lower School Thanksgiving Concert

Alumni Thanksgiving Gathering

Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer

Cross Country

Halloween 2017


Field Hockey

Kindergarten in the Garden

Fall Family Festival

20th Anniversary Homecoming

Spartan Race Workout

International Day of Peace

IBDP Mini-Lessons

First Day 2017

Opening Ceremony 2017

Triskelion Cup September


Graduation 2017

Lower School Field Day

Closing Ceremony 2017

Wildwood Field Day

LS Spring Concert Rehearsal

US Spring Concert Rehearsal

Grades 9 - 12 Musical Legally Blonde

Annual Benefit

Triskelion Cup Gala

Triskelion Cup Olympics

Grandparents Day

Grades 7 & 8 Musical Fame

Grades 4 & 5 Musical Aladdin

Grade 6 Musical Camp Rock

Campus Vernal Pond

Grade 8 Washington, DC Trip

Grade 9 Costa Rica Trip

Grade 10 Paris Trip

License to Give Video 2

Grade 6 Frost Valley, NY Trip

Grade 7 Boston, Mass Trip

Grade 3 Play Wizard of Oz

Junior House Spring Fling

License to Give Video 1

Grade 1 Play Peter Pan


Grade 4 Immigration Simulation

Grade 2 Play Little Mermaid

Glass Menagerie

Grade 4 Play - American Revolution

Grade 3 Superhero Convention

Lower School Winter Performance

Fashion For Change

Charter Day - Happy 19th Birthday!

Alumni Reception

Grade 4 Civil War Wax Museum

Upper School Winter Concert

Halloween 2016

Harry Connick, Jr. Visit

Alumni Parent Reception

Peace Pinwheels

Fall Family Festival

STEAM Team Cardboard Challenge

First Day of School 2016

Opening Ceremony 2016

Triskelion Cup & JH Picnic

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