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Our Story

At Stanwich, There’s More To It

We created Stanwich because we saw an important need in our community for a PreK-12, coeducational school that teaches students that substance matters most. We honor the innate talent and individuality of each of our students while challenging them with high academic standards. Research confirms, this is how children learn best. As a result, they appreciate their gifts, value their intellectual pursuits, and lead a lifetime of notable achievement.

At Stanwich, your child will continue to develop into the individual you know, because here, we educate children to appreciate traits that are exclusively their own and those of their peers. This process of self-realization grounds our students and enables them to respectfully and responsibly help others to be their best selves too.

From Stanwich’s founding, education and values have always been inextricably linked. Over time, our curriculum has evolved to integrate learning in and out of the classroom with the investigation of values. Our distinctive school culture and extraordinary teachers have raised the bar and broadened the community’s understanding of excellence in education. As a result, we have been unparalleled in our positive impact on students and families.

At Stanwich, we truly know our students and challenge them to branch out and pursue passions both on and off campus. Our students courageously go places they may not have ever gone, exploring possibilities the world has to offer. This flexibility to pursue individual interests feeds resilience and an inner drive, self-reliance, and a genuine and compassionate leadership style that the world needs more of, especially now. When it comes to getting children ready for a lifetime of achievement, at Stanwich, there’s more to it.