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Lower School

There’s more than strong academics at Stanwich.

Our unique, values-based curriculum is what sets the Stanwich lower school experience apart. We champion the unique talent and potential within each student during these formative years, while challenging them with the highest academic standards. Personal excellence is strongly emphasized, but with the understanding that while being our best is important, our greater purpose is to help others to achieve their best, too.

Skilled, dynamic teachers actively partner with parents to form a nurturing culture, where students begin to become empowered, confident learners. Ethical principles such as citizenship, responsibility, empathy and altruism are seamlessly woven into every class, project and exercise, augmenting accelerated academics to create a much more substantial learning experience. This unique combination results in well-rounded students with great passion for achievement, but also with added dimension and depth to their awareness and character that builds as they move from grade to grade.


Our PreK program offers a joyful and dynamic learning environment for our youngest students, designed to inspire a passion for discovery that will reward them throughout their lives. Our exceptional early childhood faculty teaches a strong academic curriculum including science, language arts, math, foreign language, art, music and athletics, which is then enriched and enhanced through the exploration of nature. Whether it’s story time, a Wellie Walk through our own trail system or a weekly foreign language lesson, students’ happiness and constant progress is our mission. Apart from being exciting and fun, every learning opportunity and activity is designed to nurture the under-standing of values such as respect and compassion, which establish the foundation for strong character and a greater appreciation of the world for children to take with them as they grow.

Primary House: Grades K through 3

The joy of learning is paramount during the Primary House years. This is clear from the first moments of each morning, as students bound up the steps with smiles and officially begin their school day by singing together as they enter morning assembly. This enthusiasm and zeal carries on throughout the day, as students are immersed in a rich academic program and a defined and meaningful character based culture. Vibrant and rich curricula in the core academic disciplines is delivered via inspired teaching in a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere. Our small teacher-student ratios allow for small group instruction, allowing teachers to meet the instructional needs of each child in their care to ensure that each will reach his or her best potential. Throughout these years, students are exposed to a wide variety of options outside of  the core curriculum, in order to broaden their horizons and spark their passions. Values classes, lessons in French and Spanish, music, art, library and PE classes all round out the week of a Primary House student. There is an ongoing  emphasis on public speaking, and technology is mindfully introduced and used as appropriate in each grade level. Our  students blossom throughout their Primary House years, as they grow into curious and confident learners and good citizens in a school community where they feel connected and loved. 

Intermediate House: Grades 4 & 5

Young scholars thrive in our Intermediate House program. Critical thinking, collaborative engagement, study skills, and deeper exploration of the core disciplines are all emphasized during these important years of development. During these key formative years of early adolescence, our students flourish in an environment where they feel safe to be themselves and to take healthy risks. Our core character-based curriculum evolves, and during these years, students begin to demonstrate a more mature understanding of how to apply the values taught to their daily lives and are held to a high standard in doing so. An appreciation for learning is deeply immersed in the Intermediate House culture; exemplary teaching and dynamic classroom environments allow students to deeply engage with the material at hand. Our focus on public speaking continues, as students are provided varied opportunities to present to their school community. Daily assemblies, values classes, technology classes, foreign language lessons and library visits are all part of the student experience. As we continue to encourage our students to follow their passions, our physical education program focuses on team sports preparation, and there is an extensive offering in the arts, including visual art, drama, choir, and instrumental lessons, all built in to the school day. These are vibrant years of growth for our students, in a school environment that brings out the best in each child, both academically, and in their character.