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Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the Stanwich community, the library collection has expanded exponentially each year to meet the demands of the students and the curriculum.   

At Stanwich School, the library program is considered an essential part of the educational curriculum.  Ample time is provided for students to visit the library, the librarians teach lessons and assess student performance, and the librarians are regularly consulted as resources for planning and enriching lessons across the curriculum.  The librarians work closely with teachers and students to support their academic activities, provide access to an array of print and non-print resources, teach students to be responsible and educated consumers of print and electronic media, and encourage their love of reading.  The program is sequential and offers the skills that enable students to locate and evaluate material in the Stanwich School library, as well as in any other media center.  Library lessons are varied depending on the grade level and often involve cross-curricular activities with other specialists. 

The library benefits throughout the year from a dedicated team of parent volunteers.  Parents volunteer to operate the circulation desk and organize fundraising activities such as the Birthday Book program, the annual Book Fair and the sale of required summer reading books.  They also work with the librarians to arrange author visits, book groups, and other special events.