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Grade 5

Updated: Tuesday, March 5

Value of the month: HONESTY

("Hearts produce honest actions.")


Tomorrow is Blackout Day! Students should wear black clothes in honor of our month-long celebration of reading.



Please ask your child about his/her reading log and IRJ assignments. Each Friday (of a regular, full week), I will be collecting IRJ notebooks which should have two new entries, one from Tuesday and one from Thursday. The Monday following, I collect reading logs, which should have 3 signed entries from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, respectively. Students should be reading and logging from the same book about which they base their IRJ responses.

Please send me an email if you have any questions.


Have a great week!


Click on this link to find important documents pertaining to fifth grade this year:


Please click here to see pictures of 5th graders at work and play.


March (Reading Celebration Month)

Wednesday, March 6 -- Black Out Day

Thursday, March 7 -- Parent conferences

March 7 -- No afters or study hall (conferences) -- dismissal at 3 p.m.

March 8 -- No school (No Grade 5 conferences on this day. See email from me regarding scheduling another day/time.)

Thursday, March 7 -- Unit 5, Lesson 3 spelling quiz

Tuesday, March 12 -- Unit 7 Math test

Thursday, March 14 -- Unit 5 vocabulary test

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Quizlet (Word Wisdom Unit 5, Lesson 1) click here

Quizlet (Word Wisdom Unit 5, Lesson 2) click here

Quizlet (Word Wisdom Unit 5, Lesson 3) click here

Click here to access to Scholastic Book Wizard Website.


David Levine                         Homeroom

Daniel Combatti               Science 

Irene Brun                                Spanish   

Ann Ambrogio                 P.E.

Christopher Cardarelli         P.E.

Emily Sullivan                      Art

Caroline Worra                      Music/Drama

Kreg Gotschall                  Music/Drama

Hilliary Schranze                Music/Drama

Jeff Magliola                       Technology

Beth Kiefer                             Library

Math: We'll continue our work with decimals. This week, we'll tackle rounding decimals, adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals.

Reading: We are getting toward the ends of our novels, nine, ten and Towers Falling. Ask your children to share about some of the experiences of the characters and their predictions about what might happen as we draw toward the ends of these exciting stories.

Writing: We are also working toward completion of our argument essays, using evidence to support our claims of whether this drink belongs in schools. This week we'll be adding rebuttals to anticipated counterclaims, evaluating our evidence and making sure we are keeping our audience in mind as we finish our work and move toward editing and publishing.

Language Arts: Unit 5 in our Word Wisdom curriculum is continuing. Our quiz on Lesson 1 words will be tomorrow (Wednesday), and we will be working on Lesson 2 during the remainder of this week.

Science: Students are working to make food labels for items they would include in a healthy vending machine.

Social Studies: As Viking teams continue their work, they will be learning more about the vast geography these Norsemen covered. Then we'll learn about the writing of the Vikings and some students may even try their hands at writing some skaldic poetry!

Values: The value of honesty will be the focus for the month of February.

Spanish: During the month of February the st​udents will practice telling time and the school schedule.