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Grade 5

Updated: Tuesday, January 15

Value of the month: WISDOM

("Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.")


If you were not able to make last Thursday morning's informational meeting regarding our upcoming trip to Lake Placid, you can view the slides presentation by clicking on the folder under "All Things Grade 5" below. In addition, you can find a suggested packing list and a tentative itinerary. We'll see everyone at 7 a.m. sharp on Wednesday, January 30 for the big send off!! Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the trip.


Reading Challenge: During the second trimester, students in fifth grade are being challenged to read as many "just right" books as they can. At the end of each book they read, they'll be asked to write a book summary/review. Challenge your child to read, read, read during Trimester 2!




Please ask your child about his/her reading log and IRJ assignments. Each Friday (of a regular, full week), I will be collecting IRJ notebooks which should have two new entries, one from Tuesday and one from Thursday. The Monday following, I collect reading logs, which should have 3 signed entries from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, respectively. Students should be reading and logging from the same book about which they base their IRJ responses.

Please send me an email if you have any questions.


Have a great week!



Click on this link to find important documents pertaining to fifth grade this year:


Please click here to see pictures of 5th graders at work and play.



Monday, January 14 - Friday, January 25 -- Math-a-thon

Thursday, January 17 -- IH Bingo Bash @ 3-4 p.m.

Monday, January 21 -- No School -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

Friday, January 25 -- Charter Day

Wednesday, January 30 - Friday, February 1 -- Lake Placid Trip


Wednesday, February 13 -- Dismissal @ 3 p.m. (no afters or study hall)

Thursday, February 14 - Monday, February 18 -- No school -- Mid-winter break

Thursday, February 28 -- Trimester 2 ends


Friday, March 1 -- IH Play @ 8 a.m.

Thursday, 1/17 -- Map quiz using completed maps of Europe

Friday, 1/18 -- Spelling quiz (Lesson 4.2)

Friday, 1/25 -- Spelling quiz (Lesson 4.3)


Google Drive click here

Google Classroom click here

Khan Academy click here

Quizlet (Word Wisdom Unit 4, Lesson 1) click here

Quizlet (Word Wisdom Unit 4, Lesson 2) click here

Quizlet (Word Wisdom Unit 4, Lesson 3) click here


Click here to access to Scholastic Book Wizard Website.


David Levine                         Homeroom

Daniel Combatti               Science 

Irene Brun                                Spanish   

Ann Ambrogio                 P.E.

Christopher Cardarelli         P.E.

Emily Sullivan                      Art

Caroline Worra                      Music/Drama

Kreg Gotschall                  Music/Drama

Hilliary Schranze                Music/Drama

Jeff Magliola                       Technology

Beth Kiefer                             Library

Math: We continue our work with fractions as we delve further into multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. We will also continue to practice the use of bar models to help with solutions to word problems. ALL HOMEWORK THIS WEEK WILL BE RELATED TO OUR MATH-A-THON FUNDRAISER FOR PROJECT BLESSING.

Reading: We are beginning our unit on historical fiction by getting back into guided groups in order to read two novels set during the days surrounding September 11, 2001. While these events are history for 10- and 11-year-olds, they are all too real for adults and have forever changed the ways in which we live. These novels, nine, ten and Towers Falling, follow the experiences of children during that time.

Writing: Our next unit will involve what seems to come so naturally to students these days: making arguments. Our first issue to tackle is whether chocolate milk should be served in schools. In order to form a considered point of view, rather than a simple opinion, we will be learning about how to construct a research-based argument.

Language Arts: We are beginning unit 4 of Word Wisdom. The words this week are: baritone, proclaim, dialogue, claim, prologue, monotone, exclaim, analogy, intonation and disclaim. Spelling quiz on Friday, January 18.

Science: Students are working on slides presentations based on their learning about nutrition and the digestive system.

Social Studies: This week students will begin a classroom simulation in order to learn about life as a Viking. This will allow us to understand better the origins of Denmark.

Values: During values class, we are practicing the important skills needed to disagree with others respectfully. Please ask your child about what is necessary to accomplish this. We will also be discussing feelings and expectations related to our trip to Lake Placid.

Spanish: During the month of January, the students will begin learning to conjugate regular verbs in present tense.