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Stanwich selects its teachers carefully to ensure their understanding of the school’s unique mission and culture and their ability to contribute to its implementation. To that end the School seeks to identify, foster, assess, and reward the following personal and professional qualities in its faculty and staff:

1. Personal: Stanwich teachers make a personal commitment as empathic mentors to know their students and engage positively with the parents with whom they partner. Challenging academic work at Stanwich provides a seminal vehicle by which our teachers share their passions and love of learning.

2. Student-centered: Stanwich teachers are extraordinarily dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, social, and ethical well-being of students as their first priority. Teaching in developmentally appropriate ways that dynamically engage and inspire every student, Stanwich teachers extend themselves beyond the classroom and the workday. Committed to all facets of Stanwich’s mission, they reflect it daily in their work with students in the classroom and extra-curriculars.

3. Collaborative: Stanwich teachers appreciate the educational value of a small, values-based learning community and interact in a supportive manner with colleagues in order to contribute creatively to effective working teams.

4. Professionally grounded: Stanwich teachers are well-educated, and passionate about learning and teaching. Perpetual learners themselves, their intellectual breadth allows them to take advantage of educational opportunities to delve deeply into student questions and ideas and seek connections between academic disciplines. Stanwich teachers appreciate that skills (intellectual, interpersonal, and otherwise) represent an essential goal of academic mastery and ascribe to research that supports our active, experiential pedagogy.

5. Globally minded: Stanwich teachers manifest a cosmopolitan understanding of the need to connect with people and ideas and to value perspectives from around the world in order to orient Stanwich students for the future.

6. Technologically competent: Stanwich teachers integrate technology meaningfully as an essential element in the teaching “toolbox” for student project-based learning.

Opportunities include:
- regular grade-level faculty meetings
- weekly House meetings
- high-quality professional development both within and outside the school
- a supervision and evaluation process designed to promote excellence and professional growth
- candid, constructive communication among faculty and between faculty and administration
- CPR/First Aid training

The Board of Trustees is committed to providing compensation and benefits at a competitive level to attract and retain the most talented faculty. The Stanwich School has one of the highest faculty retention rates of area schools.

Stanwich School was established in 1998 to address a growing need within the community for a comprehensive coeducational independent day school option in the Greenwich area.  The Stanwich community enjoys an innovative spirit, and is known for both its strong academic and character development program.