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At Stanwich, we play for joy. We play for fun. And yes, we play to win.

While we’re proud of our many undefeated teams and individual champions over the years, winning is only part of the Stanwich experience — because our athletic program does so much more. Interscholastic athletics and the physical education program encourage healthy athletic competition while providing opportunities to develop skills, teamwork and self-confidence.

Athletics at Stanwich is characterized by a continuum of goals. A student’s experience in the lower grades is centered on basic skill development and broad exposure to sport. Moving on to the upper grades, there is a gradual shift toward a balance between competition, participation, and encouraging athletic excellence.

The Stanwich athletic program emphasizes solid moral values, sportsmanship and commitment to excellence. Membership on a team comes with the commitment to attend and work hard at practices and put forth a high degree of effort in game situations. The level of commitment required rightly increases as the level of competition increases.