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Visual Arts

Walk through our hallways and creativity surround you. Exhibits of drawings, paintings, sculpture, ceramics and photography showcase student work. 

Lower School art classes allow students to experiment with a variety of media. In the Upper School, students experience an enjoyment of the artistic discovery process, develop an appreciation for the work of others,  and create a sense of craftsmanship. Outside of class, co-curricular activities such as Art Clubs, and art trips give students an opportunity to further explore their creativity. 

Our visual arts program develops our students’ talents and abilities at all levels, as well as appreciating the artwork of others. While they learn the fundamentals of art, explore the principles of design, and study the history of art, our visual artists learn to express themselves creatively. Students are taught specific skills that become progressively more complex with each grade. These learned skills provide a framework for each student to enhance his or her own creative style.

Young Artists
Stanwich’s Lower School visual arts program is a fine art based curriculum with emphasis on formal types of training in drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media. Every effort is made to introduce students to new styles, concepts, attitudes and skills with each project. There is a heavy focus on cross curricular collaborations. Younger students are presented lessons that acquaint and involve them with individual artists and their work, develop an appreciation of both nature and imagination as sources of inspiration, and are encouraged to experiment and take risks to develop their own personal style.  

Growing Artisans
The overall philosophy of the Upper School visual arts program is to give all students a diverse artistic vocabulary and to instill a lifelong interest and appreciation of the visual arts. Students are taught specific skills and techniques to develop confidence in their own artistic abilities. When possible, connections are made with the students’ academic curriculum. Students are introduced to the work of wide variety of artists through both classroom presentations and visits to area museums.

Project Hightlights
Eric Carle Collages; clay pinch pots; Frida Kahlo self-portraits; paper mache turtles; Picasso self-portraits; Navajo blankets; warm/cool animal paintings; cardboard guitars; chalk pastel still life; Wayne Theiboud Ceramic desserts; Georgia O’Keefe charcoal skulls and shells; wire and paper mache self-portraits; iPad photography; interdisciplinary study of arthropods; architectural designs; and computer graphics.