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The arts are not extracurricular at Stanwich; they are integral to the complete education we provide all our students.

Our robust program includes visual art, vocal and instrumental music, and drama — students are encouraged to be the artist no matter what the medium. Something magical occurs as students discover their own creative spirits and voices. Thespians take to the stage with confidence and glory, artists find their creations selected for numerous exhibitions, and sweet melodies from choirs and hand bells delight and entertain audiences throughout the community.

Through a wide range of age appropriate art projects, students are taught the elements of art and, in later years, the principles of design. Students are taught specific skills that become progressively more complex with each grade. These learned skills provide a framework for each student to enhance his or her own creative style. The art curriculum is designed to coincide with national art education standards and classroom curriculums. For example, in Grade 2, students focus on Native American art at the same time they learn about Native Americans in their social studies curriculum.

Once students master the fundamentals, they move toward more personal expression. They may join the band, choir or orchestra, or they may take courses in art history, painting, drawing, two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, ceramics, and theater. Stanwich offers an AP program for juniors and seniors where they may produce their own design portfolio. Whatever the artistic journey, students emerge with greater insights into themselves and see a new consciousness of the creative forces that shape our world and its cultures.