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Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in The Stanwich School. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming your family to our exciting and growing community.

Due to the exciting news of our merger with Greenwich Country Day School, we will only be accepting applications for students in Grades 9 and above for the 2018 - 2019 school year, and siblings of current students. 

Our Criteria for Enrollment

Each applicant to The Stanwich School is considered for admission to a particular grade based on the child's birthdate and our determination of the child's ability to successfully manage the rigors of our curriculum. The Admissions Committee will consider the applicant's previous record of achievement in school, a demonstrated readiness to handle the demands of the grade to which he or she is applying, and an applicant's emotional and social development. Qualities that we look for in an applicant are creativity, intelligence, inquisitiveness, motivation, compassion, and enthusiasm for learning. We want our candidates to possess an eagerness to embrace the mission of the school and to be enthusiastic contributing members of the Stanwich community. 

**All application materials and processes must be completed by January 15th in order to be considered for Round One acceptance (notification in late February).

Office of Admissions - 203-542-0035 or

Steps for Application:


The application, including the $80 application fee, must be submitted prior to the parent interview, tour, or individual screening.  To start the application online, please create a new account to get started and track your progress in MyBackPack or fill out an online Inquiry Form.  Upon request, an application packet of information can be mailed to you.                      

The Parent Questionnaire, Student Questionnaire and Essay (Grades 6-12), Graded Writing Sample (Grades 5-12), all recommendations forms, and student records must be received in order for an applicant to be presented to the Admissions Committee for review.


Prospective parents will tour campus and interview with the Director of Admissions or a member of the Admissions team.  Submission of parts 1 & 2 of the application and the parent questionnaire prior to the interview is strongly encouraged.


All applicants are required to complete a campus visit as part of the admission process. Visit includes time in the classroom in the applicant's current grade.  Individual screenings may occur during this visit as well.


Grades 6 - 12: The applicant meets with a member of the administration for a brief interview.  This interview may be scheduled to take place on the day of the student's visit or on a separate date.


Testing is one part of our evaluation process to better determine the ability of each applicant to meet the demands of a rigorous academic program. Our goal is to insure that each student's experience will be a successful, rewarding, and enriching one.

Grades 3 - 4: Applicants are required to take the ERB/CTP4.  

Grades 5 -12: Applicants are required to take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam). We also accept the SSAT examination in lieu of the ISEE.

**For students taking the ISEE - The Stanwich School code for score reporting is 071091

                            ISEE Registration information here.  


PreK and K: A completed Independent School Common Recommendation Form is recommended. Applicants for PreK and K do not need to submit transcripts but teachers' reports from your child's Nursery School will be very helpful for getting to know your child.

Grades 1-5: A completed Independent School Common Recommendation Form and Independent School Common Report and Transcript Release Form for Grades 1-12 is required. We also require the latest report card and the final report card from the previous year. For Grades 4 and 5, please include a graded writing sample if possible. 

Grades 6 through 12:  Teacher Confidential Recommendation Forms are to be completed and sent directly to the Admissions Office. As a courtesy to your child's teachers, please include a stamped envelope addressed to Admissions Office, The Stanwich School, 257 Stanwich Road, Greenwich, CT 06830.

Please sign and submit the Independent School Common Report and Transcript Release Form for Grades 1-12 to the office at your child's school. Ask your child's school to send the transcripts directly to the Admissions Office, The Stanwich School, 257 Stanwich Road, Greenwich, CT 06830.

The Independent School Extracurricular Recommendation Form can be submitted by a teacher, pastor, priest, or rabbi or by a coach, music, art, dance or drama instructor who knows your child and can speak on his/her ability and character. Feel free to submit more than one personal recommendation if you wish.