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We champion the unique talent and potential within each student, while challenging them with the highest academic standards. Our students achieve truly meaningful success by embracing and building upon who they are as individuals. When it comes to getting children ready for a lifetime of achievement, at Stanwich, there’s more to it.

At The Stanwich School, the academic program is organized to support the understanding that students learn in a variety of ways and that learning is influenced by developmental stages. Academic subjects reflect a spiral curriculum so that new understandings are built on previously learned foundations. Attention is also given to auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic instruction. Individual, small group and whole class instruction is varied to create the best learning environment for the student, while the school boasts a small student to teacher ratio.

Our PreK program offers a joyful and dynamic learning environment for our youngest students, designed to inspire a passion for discovery that will reward them throughout their lives. Our exceptional early childhood faculty teaches a strong academic curriculum including science, language arts, math, foreign language, art, music and athletics, which is then enriched and enhanced through the exploration of nature.

Our unique, values-based curriculum is what sets the Stanwich Lower School experience apart. We champion the unique talent and potential within each student during these formative years, while challenging them with the highest academic standards. Personal excellence is strongly emphasized, but with the understanding that while being our best is important, our greater purpose is to help others to achieve their best, too.

The Stanwich Upper School is dedicated to something greater than the generic definitions of success and life-preparedness touted by most middle and high schools. Stanwich upper school students grow into strong, self-reliant individuals, but with deep emotional intelligence and more sophisticated outlooks. They are encouraged to pursue their individual passions with determination and courage, and be proud of their talents and abilities — but they are also taught to respect the world around them along the way.