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About Stanwich

When it comes to excellence in education, at Stanwich, there’s more to it.

The Stanwich experience is more than the pursuit of the highest academic standards. It is based on the inexorable link between education and the cultivation of values. Stanwich produces strong, courageous, driven, self-reliant individuals, but with added dimension to their understanding, their characters and the way they perceive and interact with the world. Traits such as leadership ability, personal worth and self-esteem are tempered with respect, compassion and empathy. It is the combination of academic achievement with the nurturing of deep emotional intelligence that leads to more meaningful success.

Academic Excellence and a Unique Value System

Our mission is based on our founding vision: To provide curriculum that seamlessly integrates learning with the investigation of ethical principles — defining a new level of excellence in education.

Individual Responsibility and Community

At Stanwich, children are taught to look for, identify and celebrate traits that are exclusively their own, but to also help others achieve their best selves, too.

Inner Drive and Self-reliance

Our students are empowered and encouraged to explore and pursue their own individual passions — fueling self-motivation, determination and courage for a lifetime.