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2013-2014 Photo Galleries



Closing Ceremony


Commencement - Class of 2014


Seniors & Kindergartners


US Spring Concert


IH Spring Concert


Grandparents Day


High School Musical 2


High School Musical


Grade 5 Play - Theseus and the Minotaur




PH Digital Arts Afters


Kindergarten Play


Grade 7 Musical - Fame


Grade 1 Play - The Tale of Peter Rabbit


"Happy" Annual Benefit Video


Sweet Sixteen Annual Benefit


Grade 2 Play - Hans Christian Andersen Stories


Grade 8 Sludge Test


MarineLab US Trip


IH Trivia Bowl


Grade 4 Immigration Simulation


Grade 3 Play - Wizard of Oz


Grade 6 Play - Shakespeare Unshackled


Grade 6 Medieval Day


Mario the Magician Assembly


Grade 1 on News 12 Weather


Grades 3 & 8 Fairy Tales Collaboration


Grade 5 Trip to Lake Placid


Family Hoedown


Charter Day - Year 16


African Storyteller Assembly


PH Holiday Performance


IH Holiday Concert


Upper School Holiday Concert


Grade 4 Civil WarWax Museum


Book Fair


PH Thanksgiving Performance


Gingerbread Houses for Nursing Home


Grade 4 Play - The American Revolution


Minds in Motion


Spirit Day Football Game




PreK October Performance


Grade 7 Trip to Maritime Aquarium


Grade 6 Trip to Mystic


Grade 5 Bake Sale


Grade 4 Pinwheel Science Lesson


Family Festival


Wolf Assembly


Grade 2 Sushi Making - Seaweed Lesson

Grade 2 Trip to SoundWaters


Marine Science Afters Class


Improv 4 Kids


Upper School Sailing


Bubblemania Assembly


Grade 6 Trip to Rhode Island

Upper School Trail Clearing

Opening Ceremony & Candids

First Day of School 2013