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  • She’s growing into a strong leader But more importantly, a compassionate one

    Inner drive, strength, resilience and courage are the marks of Stanwich students. But these vital life skills are tempered with levels of sensitivity, awareness and emotional intelligence that add up to more responsible, respectful world views. When it comes to building strong leaders, at Stanwich, there's more to it.

  • He knows he can be anything he wants to be. But he'll always be himself

    We champion the unique talent and potential within each student, while challenging them with the highest academic standards. Our students achieve truly meaningful success by embracing and building upon who they are as individuals. When it comes to getting children ready for a lifetime of achievement, at Stanwich, there's more to it.

  • They’re challenged to explore courageously And they go everywhere with their values

    Stanwich students are encouraged to explore everything the world has to offer, and they’re inspired by a core set of defining values that guide them along the way. The qualities of compassion, respect and emotional intelligence allow them to cultivate a deeper appreciation for what they learn and what they achieve, wherever they go. When it comes to the process of discovery, at Stanwich, there’s more to it.

Academic excellence and emotional intelligence.

Stanwich is the answer to a need in our community for a PreK-12, coed school that not only offers the highest academic standards, but also focuses on the development of deeper character-defining qualities, and more compassionate world views. Leadership ability, determination and self-esteem are tempered with respect, empathy and self-awareness — so Stanwich students have an added dimension to their characters that leads to more meaningful success.

Individual responsiblity and community

Children are taught to appreciate traits that are exclusively their own, but also to respectfully help others achieve their best selves too.

Inner drive and self-reliance

Students are empowered and encouraged to explore and pursue their own individual passions, fueling self-motivation, determination and courage. 

Our founding philosophy

Since Stanwich's founding, education and values have been inextricably linked. Our curriculum has evolved to seamlessly integrate learning with the investigation of ethical principles, defining a new level of excellence in education. 

College Acceptance Rate
Faculty With Advanced Degrees

At Stanwich, education and values have always been inextricably linked.